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With an unmatched increase in the usage of the internet in the recent past, websites have become the most important public communication portal for most businesses and organizations. It is important to have a good website design which can keep the visitors engaged throughout as your website is the most-likely place where customers would interact with your brand. If your website is not designed properly, then the visitors won’t bother to explore other pages and will leave your website from the first page itself. 

Web designing refers to the design of the web pages that constitute a website and managing their appearance on the internet. Web designing, in earlier days, was focussed on designing desktop-friendly websites; however, nowadays, it is crucial to design websites that are not only desktop-friendly, but also mobile and tablet-friendly. 

There are specialised professionals in the market who can work on the appearance, layout and content of your website.  Appearance of a website relates to the colours, font, and images used. On the other hand, Layout refers to how information is structured and categorized. A website is considered to be of good quality when it has a user-friendly interface, is engaging and pleasing to the eyes of the viewer. Basic goal of  web designing  is to build a trustworthy website that the audience can rely upon, without getting frustrated. That’s why you need specialists with expertise in this field to design your website like Web Design Company, Blurn, Sydney.

Methods of web designing:

The most commonly used methodologies for designing both desktop and mobile friendly websites are Responsive Design & Adaptive Design.

In responsive design, content is optimised according to the screen size and keeps changing with the size of the display screen, whereas in adaptive design, content size remains fixed according to the most common screen sizes.It is important to preserve the layout and maintain consistency among various devices in order to gain trust of the viewers and keep them engaged. Sometimes, responsive design can pose difficulties in this regard, and needs special care from the designers.

Design elements that professionals at Blurn keep in mind while designing your website are:

  1. The level of organization – Website should be well-organised and designed logically.
  2. The utility of content – Information provided should be interesting and useful.
  3. Ease of navigation of the website – It should be easy to navigate through various sections of the website.
  4. Graphical representation – It should be graphically pleasing and have right use of colours, icons, animation and multimedia. 
  5. Objective and purpose – Purpose of the website should be crystal-clear. 
  6. Memorable elements – It helps in effective navigation through the website by re-visitors.
  7. Valid links – links provided in the website should be legitimate and do not result in error pages.
  8. Simplicity – Simple design of a website means it is easier for viewers to navigate.
  9. Impartiality – Information provided on the website should be true to the facts and without any prejudice, whatsoever
  10. Credibility – Info provided should not be dubious  
  11. Consistency/reliability–  layout of the web pages needs to be uniform throughout the website.
  12. Accuracy – information provided on the website should be accurate and to-the-point.
  13. Loading speed – it should be fast to load,
  14. Security/privacy – Viewers’ personal data / information should be totally secured  with the help of advanced tools so that users don’t end up being victims of cyber crime.
  15. Interactive – users should be able to interact with the website (e.g., post comments or receive recommendations for similar purchases), 
  16. Stronguser control capabilities– users should be able to customise their experience on the website (such as the order of information they access and speed at which they browse the website), 
  17. Readability – Website should be easy to read and understand (e.g., no grammatical/spelling errors), 
  18. Efficiency – Users should be able to find the required info as quickly as possible.
  19. Scannability – Viewers should be able to pick the necessary info as quickly as possible.

Why is it important to engage a Web Design Company like Blurn?

1. It sets the first impression for your potential customers.

Your website is the face of your brand. Better the website, better perceived is the reputation of your brand in the eyes of the audience. Therefore, it’s very crucial for your website to leave a pleasant and long lasting impression on your audience. 

In today’s fast moving world, time is the most valuable thing. If your website is poorly designed, slow and not-so-user-friendly, visitors will find it difficult to navigate and end up wasting their time which will make them frustrated. They will immediately start looking for better websites from your competitors who offer similar products / services, and you will end up losing business!

This is why you need a good agency like Web Design Company, Blurn, Sydney, whose professionals will help you build a user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and fast website that keeps your viewers engaged at all times and keeps your leads on your page.

2. It helps you build an SEO-friendly website. 

It is important to have your website optimised for search engine visibility so that it can come at the top of the search result pages of the search engines. This is achieved by effective on-page SEO. Web design is a complex field and can be difficult to understand for a layman as it needs to be SEO-friendly . This is where companies like Blurn Digital come into picture with their state-of-the-art SEO tools.

3. It sets the impression for customer service.

Your web design gives an insight as to how you view your audience. Let’s take an example. If you have an office, and prospect customers come to visit you there, then how would you treat them? Of course, you will greet them with a smile, welcome them, and make sure that they have a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their visit. If you fail in achieving this, then you will end up losing them and lose on your business. 

Similarly, your website is your digital office. It promotes your business 24X7! The kind of experience viewers get on your website makes them decide how you would treat them personally. If your website is pleasing to the eyes and user-friendly, then the new audience feels welcomed leaving a good initial impression, which will catch their interest in your product / service and increase your leads. Also, inclusion of tools like chatbots makes your viewers feel that you have taken efforts to resolve their potential queries, just like you would do when you meet your leads personally.

4. It builds trust with your audience.

If people see poor design of your website or the information looks outdated, they will not trust your site. They might consider your website to be dubious and reliable because you do not have an updated web design. If your website doesn’t convey trust, then people who are willing to spend huge sums in placing bulk orders will look for other options.

Whereas, if your website is well designed and laid out perfectly with all the essential elements like contact info, social media profile links etc., it will make your audience trust your business. The longer they stay on your website, higher are the chances of conversion.

A good website will definitely increase your business growth which makes it all the more important for you to place yourself in the hands of the professionals like the ones at Web Design Company, Blurn, Sydney, to make sure that you get the best possible website designed for your company, that not only keeps your audience happy and engaged at all times, but also sets new benchmarks in the arena of web designing! 

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