Tips for Evaluating the Learning Programme at a Daycare Centre

There are many factors to consider when selecting a daycare centre for your child. This is one of the first educational experiences they have outside of the home and by choosing a highquality learning environment, your child will develop a passion for learning. This will build their confidence and character. And in this article, we will guide you on how you can evaluate the learning programme of a potential daycare centre.

The official website of daycare Sunshine Coast will have information about their learning programme to give you an idea. You can also reach out to them to learn more about it. One of the essential elements of a high quality learning environment is the educators. They should have the relevant qualifications and in addition to this, they should have a passion for nurturing young children and teaching them. This will be a great step towards instilling a love of learning in children. Considerthe approach taken by the daycare centre to learning. It has to be something beyond academics. While academics are important, you need to look for a daycare centre that offers a holistic approach to learning so that the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of your child is taken into consideration. This will help your childdevelop into a balanced individual.

Numeracy and literacy skills

Will be introduced to the children and this is the stage where they learn a solid foundation in these skills. Check what kind of activities are included in the learning programme in improving these skills. For example, literacy skills will improve with story time and building the vocabulary of the children. And they can also learn to identify shapes, count and recognise patterns in order to build their numeracy skills. By having them exposed to a larger variety of learning opportunities, children are able to grasp these concepts easily. And they can relate this to day to day life which is a great way to understand these concepts. Consider their exposure to STEAM as well which stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Check what types of activities are carried out in the learning programme that incorporates these skills. Activities that help expose children to STEAM can develop problem solving skills, critical thinking and explore creativity.


Check whether music and art are included in the learning programme. These activities are crucial for stimulating the imagination and creativity in children. They will learn to express themselves through these mediums. Some of the ways that these activities are included are through art projects, music classes, dance classes etc. Children should also be exposed to the outdoors so that they can develop an appreciation for nature from a young age. And daycare centres that allow outdoor excursions allow children to learn about nature and they will also learn from real-life experiences which is a great way to understand difficult concepts. Check whether they offer a faith based education if you want your child growing up with the same morals and values of your family. For example, there are faith based kindergartens that integrate Christian values to their learning programme.