Simple Ways You Can Protect Your Business Computers from Cyber Crime

The rising number of cybercrimes should have your business on high alert. In the coming years, all businesses face increased risk from malicious hacking attempts to steal data or digital currency.

While you can’t completely protect yourself from a cyber-attack, there are step to take that can greatly reduce the risk. Here’s are simple things your business can do to dramatically reduce the risk of a cyber-attack:

Keep All Software Updated

Hackers often gain access to computers simply by using vulnerabilities in software code. There’s nothing much users can do if a program has a bug. However, software developers routinely offer bug fixes that patch up these issues. That’s why it’s very important to keep all software updated.

It’s highly recommended to set software updates to automatic if the option is available. Most operating systems by default set updates to automatic. However, businesses usually use enterprise editions of software. These may require manual updating, depending on your internal system.

Make sure there’s an employee responsible to keeping software updated if that’s the case. Your company must have someone on the IT team always on the lookout for updates. Don’t underestimate the importance of updates for reducing the risk of cyber-attacks.

Manually Check the Office Network

Some types of malware are quite hard to detect. For example, rootkits are notoriously stealthy and could escape detection even by the best rated antivirus software. Also, your antivirus program can only tell you if there’s malware existing in your system. If can’t point out bugs or vulnerabilities a hacker could potentially exploit.

That’s why it’s very important for businesses to occasionally perform a manual check of the office network. You can hire a security firm to perform penetration testing. It refers to a form of ethical hacking, where a security team attempts to hack a system to locate vulnerabilities. It’s very much like checking the locks to see how well they work.

Manual testing can be expensive. However, some local providers now offer low-cost ways to ensure your business network is as secure as possible. The cost is well worth it considering you are reducing the risk of a cyber-attack.

Avoid Illegitimate Software

Not so long ago, hackers attacked several prominent banks in Bangladesh and made away with millions of dollars of stolen digital cash.  This attack didn’t occur because the hackers were particularly sophisticated. It mainly occurred because the attacked banks were using cracked versions of Windows software.

Cracked software can function just like the legitimate version you pay money for. However, cracked software can also contain bugs, or worse, actual malware, that allows access to malicious attackers. Therefore, always make sure your business only uses the official version of software. Only the legitimate version regularly get updates that patch security vulnerabilities.

Provide Training to Employees on Particular Threats

Well trained employees are essential to keeping office computers safe. Offer your workers, even the non-IT ones, cyber security training Australia to educate them regarding the types of practises that can increase the risk of a cyber-attack. Employees should know preventative methods as well.

Most malware come from the internet via downloads. Spam emails with links that lead to malware installation is also a problem. To protect your business against these threats, employees should know how to protect themselves online. Training, therefore, is crucial.

The above suggestions are easy to implement. Simple as they may seem, they are highly effective against hacking attempts. Don’t wait to protect your business devices. Start implementing a cyber security strategy today

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