How to Stop Malware and Viruses Trying to Take Over Your Computer

Computers, laptops, and other smart devices like your phone or TV are now becoming even more dependent on the internet to operate and function properly. This is what makes our lives easier and makes us even more connected than ever before. This is why we have global organizations and global movements. This is how we can be close to our families who are physically on the other side of the planet, or in the case of a rare few, off this planet. All of this is through the wonders of the internet.

However, this internet is not all good. Sadly, when the designers of the internet went about their work many years back, they worked under the assumption that everyone on the internet would be friendly and those communicating would be people you trust or rely on. However, while this was true back then when the internet was used by academics, it has now grown so far and fast that everyone is on the internet. This means that you can no longer assume that everyone on the internet is an honest person. But sadly, the design of the internet has not changed for this mistrust and given its size, it is now difficult to even make that switch. This is why we have to take active precautions to safeguard ourselves.

Getting Rid of Virus Guards

Most people think that the best and most suitable option to safeguard from viruses and malware is to simply install a virus guard. This may seem logical and can work for some cases. But there is a very high risk that even though you install a virus guard, that there may be viruses already on the device or even worse, these viruses could block your from safely or properly installing virus guards. In this case, the best option is to have the machine taken to a malware removal services company. Ask them to help remove all the viruses in your machine. Once you have successfully done this, then it is safe to install a virus guard to help protect from any future intrusions or attacks.

Getting a Proper Virus Guard

In this day and age, a virus guard is a must. You may hear some computer or cyber security experts tell how a virus guard does not help you protect yourself and you cannot just rely on it. Hearing this may make you wonder, why you should bother with one. While what they are saying is technically true, it is not the whole truth. With a virus guard, you will have protection from a vast range of viruses that are already known and identified by the virus guard.

These tech experts are however saying not to, based on the fact that a virus guard cannot detect most new or unknown viruses. However, given the ratio that most of the viruses that are out there are known or will soon be identified and updated you your virus guard’s list of known malwares, you stand to have a much better chance of protection.

These are two important steps that we can and must take to protect ourselves daily from the scum that fill the internet and make it a nightmare for any unwitting or unprotected device. While these options may not give you a 100% level of safety, it is important to know that the safety they give is more than 100 times better than if you did not take these precautions.

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