How to Convince a Client to Invest More in Social Media

Have client not so willing to spend money on social media advertising? It’s understandable in this day and age, when the shine has been taken off social media by too many scandals. Still, social media remains highly influential in marketing. So here are several suggestions to convince your client that social media marketing is worth investing in:

Show Them the Hard Data, Even After the Scandals

Jim Carrey may have deleted his Facebook account, but what about everyone else? Social media is no longer seen as an unbridled force of good in society. A good majority of social media users, at least in the West, are outraged by the numerous data breach scandals in the past couple of years. Facebook is in the thick of it all. But all social media sites are now viewed with suspicious.

With the drip, drip of privacy scandals engulfing the social media world, it’s understandable if a client doesn’t want to rush ahead and spend thousands of dollars on Facebook. However, as the professional digital marketers, you already know the importance of social media, even if its reputation has been tainted.

Show your clients how users have not ditched Facebook despite a major outcry by activists to do so. Users may gripe about Facebook, but they are very unlikely to quit. Even as countless opinion pieces get written about the evils of Twitter and Instagram, the user base for these sites remain rock solid.

Once your client sees these numbers, they will be more than willing to continue investing in social media campaigns. It’s cheap, and it’s still highly effective. Businesses work by numbers. So show them where the money is and they will follow.

Connect Mobile to Social Media

The importance of social media lies in how much it attracts potential customers on mobile platforms. The desktop customer is less likely to scroll endlessly on a social media site. However, the mobile customer stuck in traffic in a cab is very much likely to keep scrolling down social media pages.

If a brand wants to attract mobile clients, as most modern ones do, then social media is the key to a successful advertising campaign. Therefore, when talking about social media advertising, highlight the importance of social media on mobile devices.

A client that wants a strong mobile marketing campaign would be more willing to ad social media advertising to it once they see how intrinsically both are connected. Some clients want apps and Google Mobile search rankings. But don’t let them overlook the crucial role social media plays in attracting potential customers using handheld devices, as expert digital marketers like the Shout Agency point out.

Show Them the Facebook Pages of the Competition

Some clients may insist that they want to focus on search engines rather than Snapchat. If this is the case, pull up all the popular social media profiles the competing brands have. Show them how the competition is taking advantage of social media.

Brands really want to outdo the competition. So this trick should definitely work to get their attention. A client may not see much merit in a social media marketing campaign. But they would be willing to pour money into one if the competition does it too.

Involve Social Media in Ad Targeting Campaigns

Social media is really the ideal channel for targeted ads. Obviously, clients would want to reach their ideal customer base, regardless of the channel they choose. Instead of praising social media here, come up with a strategy that involves sites like Facebook.

Once clients see the capabilities of targeting tools social networks offer, they would most likely be willing to invest in Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns. Just about any B2C business can find their customer base on social media in one capacity or another. Once your client realises how well an ad strategy can reach this base on social media, they would be less likely to ditch social media altogether.

Bring Attention to the Global Reach of Social Media

While local clients might not be much interested in a global audience, international brands might. Clients that sell online, often to customers in foreign countries, would naturally want a marketing campaign that crosses international borders.

Social media is one of the cheapest channels for advertising to foreign customers. It doesn’t involve expensive endeavours like paying for overseas TV ads. Regardless, the platform is highly effective in reaching potential customers worldwide.

Sites like Facebook have much more influential in some countries, even more so than Google. In developing countries where mobile use surpasses desktop computer use, social media is the ideal, if not the only good, channel for advertising. Once a client with international aspirations sees these numbers, they would easily jump on the social media marketing bandwagon.

Social media marketing has been getting a bad rep in recent years. But the above reasons should be able to change the opinion of a client and get them to invest more on networking websites.

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