Guide to Australian Work Visa

There are so many diverse opportunities in Australia and it is a destination where many people look for career growth. The work visa system can be a complicated process and there are many categories you can consider for this.

You need to understand

The specific requirements of skilled visa Australia so that you know whether you are eligible for it or not. There are temporary and permanent work visas. TSS or temporary skill shortage is a temporary work visa and this willbring skilled workers into the country on a temporary basis. The duration of this visa is about two to four years. But this depends on the occupation of the worker. You need to have an Australian employer sponsoring you so that you can apply for this visa. This way, overseas talent can be hired for specific roles where there are skill shortages. There is another option for younger individuals that are looking to explore the country and the Australian lifestyle while they are working. These are working holiday visas and there are two subclasses under this. There are eligible countries where the residents can work and travel in Australia for a certain period of time. There is a number of these visas awarded annually. The visa will depend on your country of origin. Some of the sectors that you can contribute to are tourism, agriculture and hospitality.

The subclasses under the working holiday visa are 462 and 417.

The former is available to applicants coming from specific countries. This is a great way to promote connections between Australia and its partner countries. There are also permanent work visas. This is where non-resident employees are sponsored by Australian businesses for permanent residency. This can be done by employer sponsored work visas. This can be for individuals that are already in Australia. For example, if you are on a working holiday visa, you can be eligible for this. This is also possible if you are overseas. This is a great way to strengthen the workforce of the country with skilled professionals. Skilled migration visas are offered for residents that are overseas. These individuals will be looking for permanent residency without an Australian business sponsoring them.

In the subclass 189,

An expression of interest can be submitted by the applicants and they will be selected based on their occupation. There is a points test as well and the ranking of the applicants will be considered. In subclass 190, you will be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship. The applicants will be those that are nominated by an Australian state. There are important considerations for applicants. You have to consider the relevance of your occupation when it comes to the labour market of Australia. You will need to undergo a skills assessment by a relevant authority so that they can check whether your qualifications are suited for the standards of the country. There is a point based system where you will be assessed on several factors such as English proficiency, work experience, age and education. You need to have the minimum requirement of points for the select visa subclass.