Cross Promotion as a Social Media Marketing Tool

What is Cross Promotion?

The concept of Cross Promotion is simple and very effective. From the words ‘Cross Promotion’ it is understood that businesses from cross categories join together for a common purpose of promoting each other’s businesses. These businesses achieve common or individual business objectives through Cross References and Cross Promotion of each other’s businesses. To understand the concept of Cross Promotion, let us assume Businesses from mutually exclusive categories A, B, C, etc., join together and agree to promote each other’s businesses by forming a Cross Promotion and Joint Marketing system. These Cross Promotion Members are part of a Group X where businesses from mutually exclusive categories are part of and they promote each other through Common Minimum Programmes or individually informally  and through mutually-agreed formats in a systematic manner.

Cross Promotion, also called Co-Promotion, Cross Marketing and Co-Marketing is a great Social Marketing tool and can be very effectively promoted through all of Social Media for achieving synergy in marketing and branding. Social Media Marketing Company Blurn offers client-specific tailor-made result-oriented Digital Marketing Expert Blurn, Australia and strategies to make you get started in Social Media Marketing and be successful.

Types of Cross Promotion

Basically, there are two types of Cross Promotion:

  1. Back-end Referrals
  2. Front-end Promotion

Back-end Cross Promotion happens when businesses of cross categories give referrals and do promotional activities behind the scenes and Back-end Referrals are more of business-to-business in nature. Here, in the Back-end Cross Promotion the end-users of a product or consumers or general public are not exposed to the promotional activities of any cross-category business member. Cross Promotion of a business in Category A is done by the members in Cross Categories B,C,D, etc., by referring the Category ‘A’ Business to their known circles and business friends.

The Category ‘A’ Business who is being referred by his Cross Category Partners may be termed ‘Cross Promoted’ and Businesses from Categories ‘B’, ‘C’, etc., who do the Cross Promotion may be termed ‘Cross Promoters’. Each ‘Cross Promoter’ also shares the marketing content of the ‘Cross Promoted’ Business through his social media, blog and email and helps him achieve brand reach, content reach and business goals. 

Each Cross Promoter induces or shares marketing content of business to his known contacts through social media or other any forms of digital platforms. The end-recipients of the content are carefully selected in such a way that they may potentially become customers of the ‘Cross Promoted’ brand’s products and services. 

When each Cross Promoter share the Cross Promoted brand’s content in their social media networks, their Followers/Network Members give attention to the content being shared and possibly perform the desired action like reading the content, clicking on the links, forwarding the content, buying the products or services, subscribing to newsletters, downloading e-brochures, etc. 

Back-end Cross Promotion can be jointly done by creating a common webpage or website that carries all the profiles, web links and product details of the partnering members and can be jointly promoted for mutual benefits through various modes like social networks, social media groups, relevant digital platforms and directories, individual company websites and blogs, and each Member’s social media profiles.

Through this cross promotion or joint promotion, each Member’s business is getting promoted by other members or the Group’s Common Minimum Programmes are fulfilled. 

Front-end Cross Promotion is promoting the brands of the members either individually or jointly to the general public or end-users or end-consumers of products and services through various forms and media.

Examples of Front-end Cross Promotion items are:

  • Offer Coupons
  • Online Shopping Links
  • Website / Web pages / Backlinks
  • Blog content
  • Press Releases
  • Infographics
  • Video links and videos
  • Brand Mentions
  • Hashtags

Brand Reach through Cross Promotion

Extensive brand reach can be achieved through Cross Promotion by the contribution of individual members or brand owners through multiple social media platforms/pages and social identities.

To understand the overall potential benefits of cross Promotion, let us have the following illustration:

  • 20 Cross Category Business Owners (Members) are participating in a Cross Promotion group from a specific industry or a locality.
  • Every Business Owner/Member has on average 1000 members in each of his five Social Media networks.
  • Each Member enables a brand reach of a common web page or individual brand content to 5000 prospective audiences across his five Social Media networks. 
  • This means a 20-member Group through this collective snowballing effect can potentially reach a content to 100,000 prospects / potential customers in a specific industry or a region.
  • Even if the content distribution is done through paid advertorial or sponsored posts or Facebook ads through a banner advertisement, the joint website or group web page reaches out to mammoth volumes of customers with very minimal budget because the target audience is common and total promotional expense is shared.

Content Distribution through Cross Promotion

Digital Marketing is in Content, and Content Marketing is indeed Digital Marketing. Such are these two activities intertwined, interconnected and interdependent. If a Cross Promotion group members share articles or blog posts or social media posts in each of the members’ social media profiles, article websites, blog sites and blog links,  each Member’s content get distributed to 20 different platforms. Given the relevancy and common characteristics of the audience to the Group’s common objective, the content will make instant connectivity with the common audience and produce tremendous results in terms of multiple goal fulfilments such as website link clicks, brand reach, content/article readership, newsletter subscriptions, eyeball exposures to brands, call-to-actions, online purchases, lead generation, etc. For effective implementation and advice on Content Marketing through Social Media, get in touch with the Social Media Marketing company Blurn.

Coupon Distribution through Cross Promotion

Social Media Marketing through Cross Promotion offers a huge opportunity for sales and coupons promotion. Discount Coupons of the Cross Category brands can be promoted either individually by Group members or jointly through common hashtags or through a common web pages or digital advertisements. If the Group’s common landing page containing all the Members’ coupons are jointly promoted by all the members in their respective social media or jointly through common advertisements or posts through Social Media, the whole gets a multiplying effect and gets the sales soaring for each of the Group Members. Here, the joint effort or the action is single but the results are multiple. 

Achieving Brand Endorsement through Cross Promotion

When each Member of the Cross Promotion Group shares or publishes the brand identities of other Members across their social pages, each Brand gets cross promoted alongside the endorsement of the sharing Member. The Cross Promoter’s market standing, social goodwill and achievements per se in the market will pass on its brand value, merits and trust which are collectively called Brand Authority to the Cross Promoted brand. In SEO and Internet Marketing parlance, Brand Authority of a high valued website is called Domain Authority. So, each of your content or brand mentions shared from websites of high Domain Authority improves your website’s trust factor and increases its Domain Authority as well leading to better SEO rankings and search engine results. So, Cross Promotion helps in getting both brand endorsements and SEO benefits.

Strategic Advantages through Cross Promotion

Cross Promotion offers a plethora of branding, business and SEO advantages through Social Media Marketing For more details Contact Blurn.

Some of the advantages are listed below:

  • Low cost marketing strategy
  • Controlled audience targeting
  • More personalized & concentrated branding effort
  • Collective Audience Aggregation
  • Social goodwill and trust building
  • Effective lead generation
  • Better product awareness
  • Shared marketing costs
  • Achievement of common goals and objectives
  • Better content development and outreach
  • Collective thought in strategy development
  • Hire local connectivity and/or industry connectivity
  • As Cross Promotion campaigns are mostly done by closed groups, the notion of brand identity is highly prevented and rather brand identity is intact.

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